Nokia Lumia EOS could get 41-megapixel PureView camera technology

Nokia's rumoured Windows 8 Phone handset could be getting the high-resolution PureView camera sensor this summer

5 Feb 2013
Nokia PureView camera sensor

Nokia is reportedly planning to bring the high-resolution PureView image sensor, originally launched on the Nokia 808 PureView handset, to its Lumia range of Windows Phone 8 devices with the Nokia Lumia EOS.

According to unnamed sources speaking to The Guardian, the rumoured Nokia Lumia EOS is due to launch some time this summer with the same 41 megapixel camera sensor used on the Symbian-based 808 PureView smartphone. As with its Symbian equivalent, the Lumia EOS would use the high resolution of the image sensor to capture additional image details, which are then restored back into a lower-resolution capture - a process Nokia calls oversampling. The result is undeniably impressive: while a dedicated camera is still a better choice, a comparison of the 808 PureView to the Olympus PEN showed that there was surprisingly little between the two in many shooting scenarios.

When Nokia launched its flagship Lumia 920 Windows Phone handset, we were therefore disappointed that the company had regressed to a decidedly more pedestrian eight-megapixel non-oversampling camera unit - bringing the supposed top-end device back down with a bump, and meaning those interested in photography would do better opting for its older Symbian-based equivalent.

Now, Nokia could put that right: a Lumia handset, with the advantages that Windows Phone 8 brings alongside the impressive high-contrast display, with the same image sensor as the 808 PureView could be just what the Finnish company needs to boost its already impressive sales figures to the point where it can once again hold its head up high against rivals including Samsung, Google and Apple.

Nokia, for its part, has not commented on the rumours, but is expected to confirm or deny the existence of the Lumia EOS handset at the Mobile World Congress event later this month.

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