iOS 6.1.1 released for iPhone 4S to fix 3G connectivity bug

Apple has released iOS 6.1.1 ahead of schedule for iPhone 4S owners to fix a battery-draining, call-dropping and connection-losing iOS 6.1 bug

12 Feb 2013
Apple iPhone 4S

Apple has released iOS 6.1.1 to fix a flaw in version 6.1 which saw iPhone 4S owners experience dropped calls and sporadic 3G services.

The recently-released iOS 6.1 update added numerous bug fixes and new features to Apple's mobile devices, but those installing the software on an iPhone 4S were left with numerous problems including disconnected 3G networking and a rapidly-draining battery. The issue was so severe that UK mobile network Vodafone warned its customers to ignore the update until Apple could resolve the problems.

And resolve them Apple has: just one day after Vodafone's warning, Apple has released a special update for the iPhone 4S which fixes the 3G connectivity bug, restoring reliable signal and preventing the system from draining the battery at an alarming rate.

Part of the planned 6.1.1 upgrade, which is currently being beta tested by developers for other devices, the update is currently exclusive to the iPhone 4S handset. Indications are that Apple has sped this version of iOS 6.1.1 out as quickly as possible to address the 3G connectivity problems, and it is not yet clear whether it includes a fix for the other iOS 6.1 issue of server-killing Microsoft Exchange settings that is causing a headache for system administrators.

As with other iOS updates, iOS 6.1.1 can be downloaded either directly on the handset or by connecting the phone to a computer running iTunes. Before upgrading, however, we'd recommend taking a full backup of the device in case this rapidly-released update causes some problems of its own.

Apple has not yet officially commented on exactly what caused the issue, but those who are currently suffering from the problem will doubtless be pleased that a fix has been made available so quickly.

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