iOS 6.1.2 released to fix Exchange server battery drain issue

Apple's latest iOS update has fixed a flaw that caused unnecessary battery drain when connected to Exchange servers, but security holes remain

20 Feb 2013
Apple iPhone 5

Apple has released a new 6.1.2 update for its iOS mobile devices, which fixes a series of bugs that have been plaguing the company's customers since the launch of iOS 6 in September last year.

Problems with iOS came to a head with the release of version 6.1, which performed so poorly on the last-generation iPhone 4S it led mobile network Vodafone to release a warning against upgrading due to 3G connectivity issues and poor battery life. Since that warning, additional bugs have been discovered including a flaw with connectivity to Microsoft Exchange accounts that has led to many system administrators blocking or rate-limiting the devices from their networks and a potentially serious security flaw that allows attackers to easily bypass the passcode lock on the iPhone 5.

An earlier 6.1.1update for the iPhone 4S, sought to fix that handset's issues but failed to make much of an impact. Thankfully, a new update has now been released for all iOS devices - the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch families of mobile devices along with the Apple TV set-top box - that promises to do a better job.

The update brings a fix for the Exchange flaw that could cause rapid battery drain and server issues, but sadly fails to plug the iPhone flaw that allows the passcode screen to be bypassed - something Apple claims it is working on for a future upgrade.

For now, users are advised to be vigilant with their handsets and not leave the devices anywhere that they could be accessed by a third-party regardless of whether a passcode is used to lock the handset or not.

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