Adobe Photoshop Touch for Phones released

Finger-controlled image editing app makes the move from tablets to smartphones, but Adobe is asking owners of the earlier release to pay again for the privilege

27 Feb 2013
Adobe Photoshop Touch for Phones

Adobe Photoshop Touch Phones has officially been launched, giving smartphone owners image-editing software.

Previously a tablet-only exclusive, Photoshop Touch now supports Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch and the majority of recent Android smartphone handsets, providing powerful image editing features on small-screen devices. As with the tablet release, Photoshop Touch on smartphones includes an impressive subset of desktop Photoshop functionality including support for layers, multiple selection tools, a range of filters and full tonal and colour adjustment options.

That's not to say the software is without its limits. As with previous releases, high-resolution images are not supported with the software imposing a maximum resolution of 12 megapixels. With even the most powerful smartphones having only 2GB of RAM, that's hardly a surprise and, for a smartphone app, which will typically be used on a small screen, less of an issue than when the software is running on a large-screen tablet.

The software also includes access to Adobe Creative Cloud, the company's cloud-storage and collaboration service, with buyers receiving 2GB of online storage for free, although additional space can be bought.

Frustratingly, anyone that bought PhotoShop Touch for their tablet devices won't automatically be upgraded to the phone-compatible version, as Adobe is keeping the two platforms separate. The Phone version costs £2.99, while the tablet edition remains £6.99. While this means those who only want to use the software on their smartphones aren't forced into buying the more expensive version, it will still likely rankle customers who use both a smartphone and a tablet.

The software is available to purchase now from Google Play for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and higher devices, and on the Apple App Store for iOS 5 and higher devices.

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