Moto X Skip accessory leaks ahead of launch

Motorola's first smartphone since its acquisition by Google will get a clever NFC-based security accessory in the near future, dubbed Motorola Skip

16 Aug 2013
Moto X Skip

The Moto X, previously known as the Motorola X Phone, is set to get a clever security accessory dubbed the Motorola Skip that will allow the user to unlock the handset simply by tapping it against their body.

Listed on the official Motorola site ahead of launch, and since removed, the Motorola Skip is a small clip designed to be worn on a belt, shirt or other item of clothing. Unobtrusive and containing no power or battery, the device should be easy to forget - until you actually need to use it.

The Motorola Skip is designed to replace the traditional methods of unlocking the smartphone - pattern, passcode, or Face Unlock - and instead use a simple tapping mechanism. Turning the phone on and being faced with the lock screen, the user need only tap the rear of the phone to the Moto Skip to automatically unlock the device.

The system works through Near Field Communication (NFC). A passive, short-range radio tag is embedded within the body of the Clip, and powered when the phone is brought within a few millimetres of the device. A unique code is read by the NFC receiver in the Moto X, and - assuming the code on the clip matches the code on the phone - the handset is automatically unlocked.

Theoretically, the Motorola Skip and its matching Android app should be compatible with any Android smartphone featuring NFC hardware, but early indications are that Motorola plans to lock the device to the Moto X as an exclusive feature.

Since removing the page, which appears to have been published early in error, Motorola has been unwilling to discuss the Skip - but all indications are that the device will go on sale in the coming weeks, priced at $20 (around £12.80 excluding taxes).

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