'Three' customers double data use since summer 2011

25 Jul 2012
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Data packaging leads smartphone customers to high internet usage

The mobile network, Three, has come out with a report that claims its customers' usage of data has more than doubled in the past year. Last summer, average use of data by contract customers was 450MB per month, yet that number is now up to about 1.1GB – with Three's iPhone and Android smartphone users utilizing almost 1.5GB of data, per month.

Three is attributing much of this growth to their affordable unlimited-data packages on an extensive network, as the company offers 'all you can eat data' beginning at £13 per month.

CEO of the company, Dave Dyson said, “Even I don't understand how much data I use on a daily basis so it's no surprise that having an all you can eat worry-free data package is proving to be so popular with our customers.”

Since 2008, the company has spent over £1 billion in a successful attempt to increase their network size. Currently, 98% of people living in the UK are within the network's parameters.

“With 95% of our smartphone customers using data on a daily basis, everyone is relying more than ever on their handset to do all the stuff they used to do on the internet at home or work. And there is no sign of this slowing down”, said Dyson.

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