D-Link launches first SmartBeam router

Promises an end to the signal blackspot problem

28 Sep 2011
D-Link dir645

Networking expert D-Link has announced its first wireless router to feature the company's patented SmartBeam technology, something it claims can eliminate wireless blackspots in the home.

SmartBeam, the company claims, constantly surveys the signals strength of multiple connected devices in order to provide a stable, seamless and interference-free wireless connection anywhere in the home.

Built into an interesting cylindrical design, the DIR-645 uses an array of six antennae to locate wireless client devices more accurately, focusing a direct beam on devices which report a poor signal strength.

In addition to theoretically eliminating signal blackspots, the SmartBeam technology should also increase speeds for devices on the periphery of the wireless network by increasing the quality of the signal and helping ward off interference from other wireles networks in the area.

"We love pushing the boundaries of design to ensure the consumer has the best possible experience, and could be more innovative than an intelligent router that identifies where wireless devices are and provides a better signal? Inspired by beamforming technology, the result is that consumers can now benefit from technology which was previously reserved for enterprise-grade applications," claimed D-Link's Andrew Mulholland at the launch.

"Furthermore, the router’s cutting edge design means that users will be happy to have it sitting at the heart of their homes. D-Link is proud to be the first company to bring this technology to market, blending our existing leadership in Wireless N with our networking expertise and understanding of the consumer’s needs in their Digital Home."

The DIR-645 is available now priced at £80, with more SmartBeam-enabled products expected to follow in the near future.

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