Fostex PM0.4 review

18 Apr 2008
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The PM0.4 is the baby of Fostex's PM range and, at 220mm high, is second only to Alesis's 320 USB for compactness.

The plain design and glossy finish seem a little tacky, but the speaker cones look reassuringly expensive. They aren't protected from wandering fingers, but the tweeter is recessed so it shouldn't be knocked accidentally. Power switches for each speaker are at the back below protruding heatsinks, making them hard to press.

Music exhibited similar levels of clarity and detail as from the pricier studio speakers. However, higher frequencies were a little over-pronounced. Bass frequencies rolled off gently below 100Hz. This isn't surprising considering the compact design, but M-Audio's similarly sized AV 40 managed better bass performance. The combined effect of the bright treble and weak bass could lead to mistakes as musicians try to compensate while mixing. The AV 40's more balanced tone, better ergonomics and lower price make it a far better choice.

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