Best iPhone 5 cases and covers to buy in 2013

Here they are – the best iPhone 5 cases and covers to help keep your iKit scratch-free

Looking for the best iPhone 5 cases and covers to buy in 2013? Well, you’re in luck.

Below, you’ll find plenty of cool and funky shells to keep your iKit protected, from a bold and bulky case that also doubles up as a card holder, to a barely-there number that does the job without swallowing your device whole.

Tech 21 Impact Snap with Cover

Tech 21 Impact Snap with Cover

A lot of iPhone cases are style over protection, but not so with the Tech 21 Impact Snap with Cover. Embedded inside the case is the D3O material. This is a dilatant non-Newtonian fluid in its usual form, which means it looks and feels like silly putty when it's being manipulated, but its molecules lock when hit with force, spreading the force of the impact and protecting what's encased by the material. Tech 21 calls this substance and the protection it offers Impactology.

You can see the material in action in the video below, where we hit out fingers with the handle of a screwdriver as hard as we can. Trust us, we felt nothing.

Tech 21 has taken D3O and put it into a solid form, lining the areas of impact on the case. The result is that any impact is directed away from your case and, most importantly, your iPhones. Does it work? Well, in the demonstration the guys from Tech 21 rapped an iPhone, installed in the Impact Snap, hard into a wooden desk. Absolutely no damage was caused to the phone.

Add the flip cover on the front, which protects the screen from screen from scratches when it's in your pocket, and this is pretty much the perfect case. It's comparatively more expensive than the competition, but weigh that up against the cost of replacing your iPhone 5's screen and it's worth every penny. This is the case that we'd buy, no questions.

Price: £30
Link: Tech 21

LA cover Allure


If you’re looking for something that’s lightweight but still capable of taking a battering, then this is the case for you. It’s easy to attach and remove from the iPhone 5 and covers all corners of the device, helping to shield it from nasty falls.

Design-wise, it’s also a winner. You can opt for the rainbow-coloured stripy case if you’re feeling a tad outlandish but there’s also a black cover - pictured above - if you prefer to play it safe.

Price: £20
Link: Be-Ez

QDOS metallics titanium


Slick, lightweight and ultra-stylish, this is perfect iPhone shell for the fashion-conscious technophobe. Disappointingly, it’s made from plastic, so it’s not as tough as it looks, but it's still pretty tough and doesn't scratch easy.

At £19.99, it's a tad pricey for something so simple but then again, it's bucket loads less for what you'd have to pay if your phone is damaged.

Price: £19.99
Link: QDOS Sound

Speck SmartFlex Card

iphone case

Some ideas are genius. Some are stupid. This case is both. As well as protecting your phone, the SmartFlex has a slot on the back which can hold up to three credit cards. While we love the concept, personally, we think it’s a tad risky keeping all your valuables in one place. Nonetheless, it ticks a lot of the right boxes: it’s lightweight, keeps your iPhone safe and is easy to attach and remove.

Price: £25
Link: Speck SmartFlex Card

PixelSkin HD


Cannot get to grips with your iPhone? Then this is the case for you. It has a pixelated pattern on the back that provides extra grip, thus decreasing the chances of slippery-fingered foul-ups. It’s also lightweight, looks good and is a neat fit.

Price: £30
Link: PixelSkin HD

NightLife Midnight Blue

night case

This slim-line case is embedded with rhinestones on the back to emulate a starry night sky - a winning design as far as we're concerned. We also loved the transparent sides and it feels light and smooth to hold. It’s a tad tricky to remove from the device, however, and it picks up smudges easily, so it will need constant maintenance to stay glam.

Price: £25
Link: NightLife Midnight Blue

iChic Tweed Slim Shell flip case

oxford tweed

We’re in two minds about this one: although we loved the Oxford tweed exterior, the orange lining inside the case is a bit of an, err, acquired taste. Nonetheless it’s a fine piece of craftsmanship and there’s also a couple of slots inside the case to nip your library cards in - handy!

Price: £30

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