Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 7000 review

15 Aug 2008
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The Wireless Desktop 7000 is the second most expensive set here. It's heavy and feels very strong, with no flex in the base.

Like Logitech's MX 5500, the Desktop 7000 has a charging stand to keep the mouse topped up. Unlike the Logitech set, the mouse has a replaceable battery. It's shaped to your hand and its buttons have just the right amount of stiffness. The scroll wheel's action is beautifully smooth. As with most ergonomically shaped mice, it may be uncomfortable for left-handers.

The keyboard curves to match the natural resting place of touch typists' hands. The keys in the middle are larger than those at the edges, to the extent where the left Shift key is half the width of a normal key. This is ridiculous, as it's the Shift key most typists use.

The Wireless Desktop 7000 has a good mouse and feels well made, but the strange keyboard shape failed to impress us.

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