Intel introduces low power 3rd generation Core processors

8 Jan 2013
Intel low power Core processors

7w Ivy Bridge processors announced at Intel’s CES press conference for thinner, lighter tablets and Ultrabooks

Intel has used its CES press conference to announce its ultra-low voltage processors, designed for the newest lines of Ultrabooks, convertibles and tablets, will be launching a lot sooner than expected.

Originally expected to launch as part of Intel’s 4th generation Core processor line-up, otherwise known as Haswell, the company has instead exceeded its targets and has already begun volume shipping processors to manufacturers.

Despite reducing the power consumption to a measly seven watts, Intel claims these latest Ivy Bridge processors will be capable of five times the performance of an Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset. Although few specifics were mentioned at the press conference, Intel says there are already more than a dozen designs in development based on this new low-power chip, with the expectation they will deliver a full PC experience in smaller form factors than ever.

The one example given was Lenovo’s Yoga 11S Ultrabook - the 11.6in ultra-portable was previously expected to ship with Windows RT, but now Intel’s low-power processors are available, the manufacturer has been able to upgrade it to the full Windows 8 operating system. Detachable Ultrabooks from Acer will also be coming by the summer.

We’ll be taking a closer look at both Intel’s reference hardware and Lenovo’s Ultra-low voltage Yoga 11S tomorrow when the CES show floor opens to the press.

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