Chrome for Android updated with x86 support, Motorola RAZR i first in line

27 Sep 2012
Motorola RAZR i

Ideal for sycning between devices

Google's Chrome for Android web browser has just been updated to support x86 processors, meaning it's now compatible with Intel Medfield smartphones such as the Motorola RAZR i.

Previously only supporting ARM architecture, this latest update marks the first time Chrome for Android has been officially compiled for x86 devices. It also brings a raft of bug fixes, stability improvements and tweaks, as well as full-screen YouTube video controls that resume playback if a phone locks and is then un-locked.

The RAZR i doesn't go on sale until mid-October, but this update patches on of the main gaps in its software support. Prospective owners will now have a choice of browsers when they finally get hold of the phone. The main appeal of Chrome is its ability to sync bookmarks, passwords, history and tabs with desktop instances of the browser, letting you share your browsing with your home PC or laptop.

Other Medfield phones, such as the Orange San Diego, will also be able to download Chrome for Android, but only if they have been updated to 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich). You can grab the app from Google Play right now.

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