HTC Mini+ set to launch alongside the HTC One Max

7 Aug 2013
HTC Mini

Bluetooth-connected NFC-paired handset will make using the bulky 5.9in HTC One Max smartphone a lot more comfortable, but doesn't come cheap

HTC looks set to launch its HTC Mini companion device for smartphones in the UK, following its introduction in China earlier this year.

Designed to make smartphones with large displays and phablets more usable, the HTC Mini was launched in China alongside the Butterfly smartphone. The thin telephone handset pairs with a smartphone using NFC and Bluetooth, letting users make and receive calls without having to hold the bulky main handset.

The concept is a familiar one, as rival Asus designed something similar for its MeMo Pad tablet. However, the growing trend for increasingly large smartphones may see these companion devices become more common. HTC is expected to launch the HTC One Max with large 5.9in display in the near future, and could be planning the HTC Mini as the perfect companion device.

According to UK retailer Clove, which has publicised the gadget ahead of an official announcement from HTC, the UK version will be branded the HTC Mini+ and include an infra-red transmitter missing from the original HTC Mini. This will allow the device to act as a remote control for home entertainment devices in addition to acting as a telephone handset for a Bluetooth-connected smartphone.

The HTC Mini+ is expected to launch in the coming weeks, priced at £64.99.

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