HTC One Ultrapixel camera flaw discovered, being fixed

12 Sep 2013

A bug in the software driving the HTC One's Ultrapixel camera, causing low-light images to glow purple, is to be fixed in an upcoming patch

HTC has confessed that there is a flaw in the HTC One's Ultrapixel camera, which can result in images taken in low-light conditions being entirely constructed of strangely-coloured noise.

The Ultrapixel camera is one of the HTC One's defining features. Despite only having a 4.1-megapixel resolution, the camera uses oversized pixels on the sensor to capture 300 per cent more light than traditional imaging sensors and produce images with less noise - according to HTC, anyway.

Sadly, some HTC One owners are discovering the opposite because of a bizarre software bug. According to reports on user forums, confirmed by Italian site HDBlog, some users are finding that low-light images are being covered in a purple-hued noise layer.

Speaking to the site, HTC has confirmed that the flaw exists but says it has received only "isolated reports." The issue appears to be one relating to software flaws, rather than hardware ones, with HTC promising that it is preparing a software update that will resolve the issue.

For those affected by the flaw, which HTC says "occurs only in the presence of a limited combination of conditions and does not affect the quality or functionality of other features of the device," the official advice is to contact their local HTC support centre for information on the progress of the software update.

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