SRware Iron 5.0 review

19 Sep 2010
SRware Iron 5.0
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This Chrome variant is a welcome addition for any privacy-conscious internet user.

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If you like the fast, sleek browsing experience of Chrome but aren't too happy with the amount of information it sends back to Google about your online habits, Iron could provide you with the privacy you've been looking for.

Based on Google's Chromium open source code, Iron is remarkably similar to Google’s own browser in terms of layout and usability. It removes the tracking information that’s inherent with Chrome and also makes it easy to block ads and disguise the User-Agent string that tells the web what browser you use.

Iron isn't quite perfect; documentation is largely non-existent and the removal of tracking information seems to have had some odd effects. The most noticeable is that we got the US version of Google's shopping search when we search for items using the address bar's search feature and couldn't find a way to change this. Despite this, Iron will appeal to those who like to maintain their privacy online.

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