Steinberg Cubasis iOS 6 sequencer launches for iPad

Steinbrg's Cubasis app has just launched, bringing iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Mini support, along with MIDI hardware

19 Dec 2012
Steinberg Cubasis

Steinberg has released Cubasis, a multi-touch sequencer designed specifically for use on Apple's iPad devices.

Aimed at music makers who need studio-like functionality on the move, Cubasis provides support for numerous audio and MIDI tracks - limited only by the available memory on the tablet itself - and includes over 70 virtual instruments sounds based on Steinberg's own HALion Sonic software. An integrated mixer provides access to over 10 effects processors, and the software includes over 300 MIDI and audio loops.

Taking advantage of the multi-touch interface on Apple's iPad tablet family, Cubasis includes a virtual keyboard as well as virtual drum pads, and a sample and key editor is included for extra tweaking. Core Audio and Core MIDI compatible hardware is directly supported - including Yamaha's i-MX1 MIDI interface - while the sequencer can pull data in from other Core MIDI apps for MIDI recording using the iPad's background audio functionality. Other audio data can also be imported from the iPad's iTunes music library, using iTunes filesharing, AudioPaste or by configuring a Wi-Fi server in Cubasis.

Projects created in Cubasis can be exported to cloud-based storage and sharing services including Dropbox, SoundCloud and AudioCopy, sent via email, or opened in Steinberg's full-fat Cubase software on a desktop or laptop. Those who also use Cubase will get more than cross-device compatibility, too: Steinberg claims to have designed the Cubasis user interface to be immediately familiar to Cubase users.

The software requires iOS 6.0.1 running on an iPad 2 or newer, with the features of the software dependent on device: iPad 2 and iPad Mini users are limited to 48 simultaneous voices in their projects, while the extra memory of the retina iPad and iPad 4 provide support for 64 simultaneous voices. Project import requires a computer running Cubase 6.5 or higher, Cubase Artise 6.5 or higher, Cubase LE, Cubase AI, or Cubase Elements 6.

Cubasis is available on the

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