Sony announces its first external hard drive

HD-PG5 500GB drive designed with the Sony fan in mind

12 Jul 2011
Sony HD-PG5

Sony has announced its first line of external hard disk drives, the HD-PG5, designed to add storage capabilities to its Bravia TV line and other Sony-brand devices.

Initially available in a single capacity - 500GB - the HD-PG5 promises high speed data transfers when connected to a PC, thanks to an included USB 3.0 port and Data Transfer Accelerator software - although Sony isn't yet indicating just how fast the data transfer rate might be with the software installed.

In keeping with the company's desire to make the hard drive an essential accessory for those with other Sony equipment, the HD-PG5 includes a USB adapter cable for direct connection to any Handycam camcorder featuring Direct Copy functionality for PC-free transfer of video footage to the drive.

The connection to any device takes place over a single USB cable, with the drive drawing both its data connection and power from the port - meaning that there's no need to carry a power cable around. Sony has also bundled a selection of security and backup software with the drive, including a 256-bit encryption system and Backup Manager for automated scheduled backups of critical data.

The pocketable drive measures 80x16x126mm and weighs just 180g, making it a surprisingly compact option for its impressive 500GB capacity. The drive will be available in both black and white finishes later this month, although pricing has yet to be confirmed.

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