Samsung Ativ Tab Windows RT tablet will not launch in the US

14 Jan 2013
Samsung Ativ Tab

Blames poor demand, high component prices and unproven operating system

According to an interview with CNET, Samsung has cancelled plans to launch the ATIV Tab, a tablet powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and running Microsoft's Windows RT operating system - a cut-down version of Windows 8 designed specifically for ARM-based processors.

The move could be quite a blow to Microsoft, which was hoping that Windows RT would be its route into the lucrative tablet market. However, it seems that from Samsung's point of view, the platform isn't attractive enough to US buyers.

Explaining the decision, Samsung's Mike Abary claimed that a combination of poor user education on the differences between Windows RT and Windows 8, and expected low demand has led to the company taking a wait-and-see approach.

Coupled with a high bill of materials cost to produce the device, Samsung clearly believes that launching Windows RT in the US would be a mistake - at least, for now. Should the Ativ Tab prove successful elsewhere in the world, the company is of course free to change its mind.

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