Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Mini announced

6 Feb 2013
Ultrathin Keyboard Cover Mini

Logitech has launched a keyboard cover for Apple's iPad Mini, turning the 7.9in tablet into a tiny laptop for on-the-go typing

Logitech has announced its first keyboard cover for Apple's iPad Mini tablet. Having already introduced similar cases for the larger iPad, this latest Ultrathin Keyboard Cover shrinks down to 7.9in to protect the iPad Mini, popping out with a full physical keyboard when you need to type.

Connecting over Bluetooth and using an internal battery that's good for three months on a single charge - down from six on the iPad cover - the 220g aluminium cover uses integrated magnets to keep your iPad Mini secure when it's in your bag. Its central groove lets you position the tablet comfortably when it's time to write.

We looked at the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad last year and were seriously impressed with how useful and well built it was - if Logitech can manage the same feat with its iPad Mini variant, without dramatically shrinking the keys to the point that it's difficult to type, the company could be on to a winner.

Expect to pay around £70 when the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover launches later this month, in two colours designed to compliment the iPad Mini's black and white colour schemes.

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