Microsoft Surface Pro UK release date nears

Microsoft has launched a placeholder page for its Surface Pro tablet here in the UK, just as it resolved stock problems in the US.

18 Feb 2013
Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft is getting ready to launch the Surface Pro tablet here in the UK, although the company has yet to confirm an official retail price.

The Surface Pro tablet builds on the company's previously-released Surface RT design, creating a thicker and heavier device that swaps out the ARM-based processor and cut-down Windows RT operating system for a full Intel Core i5 chip and a copy of Windows 8. As a result, it can do plenty of things the Surface RT cannot - including run any software from a user's Windows-based desktop or laptop.

Despite issues with limited storage space, no bundled copy of Microsoft Office, and a lack of support for the stylus accessory combined with a last-minute delay, the Surface Pro has been popular enough to sell out of the 128GB model in the US shortly after launch. While there are some indications that the lack of stock was a result of production issues rather than popularity, it's still being taken as a good sign for the company.

With the US stock situation, however, the international launch of the Surface Pro has been left up in the air. Promising more information "in the coming months", Microsoft has refused to be drawn on when the device will become available outside the US - but indications are good it will be sooner, rather than later.

Showing that its stock levels are returning to normal, Microsoft has reopened orders for the Surface Pro 128GB on its website, while simultaneously setting up a holding page for the UK market. While the page currently lacks a price or any release date - beyond the mention of "coming soon" - its very presence indicates that the company will be releasing the Surface Pro in the UK within weeks, rather than months.

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