Microsoft Surface Pro hit by auto-brightness bug

Surface Pro has the same problem as the cheaper Surface RT table

27 Feb 2013
Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft is scrambling to address another software bug in its Windows 8-based Surface Pro tablets, following reports that the devices' automatic brightness control malfunctions.

The Surface Pro tablets, launched in the US and [a href=""]sold out quickly, with consumers apparently keen for a tablet running full Windows 8 with a Core i5 processor.

Sadly, it also comes with a fair few problems. Early adopters of the device, already hit with lower than expected storage capacity, have complained of poor battery life, issues with the bundled stylus, and a range of software bugs shared between Surface Pro and Surface RT devices.

Now, there's a new problem on the horizon: an automatic brightness control that appears to go haywire, causing the screen to flicker repeatedly rather than smoothly increasing and decreasing the brightness in response to changes in ambient light levels. According to bug reports filed by users, the flaw can occur at any time, and happens even when the automatic brightness setting is disabled - pointing to a more fundamental problem.

It's not the first time Surface owners have been hit by this bug, either. "We are aware that this issue occurred on the Surface with Windows RT and is occurring for some users with the Surface Pro," a Microsoft spokesperson has admitted - raising the question of why the issue was not resolved for the Surface Pro at the same time it was patched in the Surface RT. "We are investigating what is causing the issue."

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