• Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review

    Kindle Paperwhite 2015 intro
    inc VAT (£100 without lockscreen advertising)
    24 Jun 2016

    The 300ppi display makes this the best value Kindle Paperwhite yet and it's currently just £90

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  • Amazon Kindle Oasis review - what's the story?

    Kindle Oasis intro
    inc VAT
    16 May 2016

    Yes, it's expensive, but the Kindle Oasis is a brilliant bit of design and easily the best eReader yet

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  • Amazon Kindle Voyage review

    Kindle Voyage
    inc VAT (Wi-Fi) - 3G model £229
    2 Mar 2016

    The Kindle Voyage is the best eReader you can buy, but it's simply a little too expensive

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  • Kobo Glo HD review

    inc VAT
    22 May 2015

    A superb screen and lots of text options make this the best eReader for the money

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  • Kindle (2014) review

    inc VAT
    28 Nov 2014

    The all new basic Kindle (2014) is a decent cut-price eReader with an excellent touchscreen but it looks and feels cheap

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  • Kobo Aura H2O review

    Kobo Aura H2O in water
    inc VAT
    3 Nov 2014

    The waterproof Kobo Aura H2O is a superb ereader with an excellent screen and backlight

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  • Amazon Kindle (2012) review

    Amazon Kindle
    inc VAT
    23 Oct 2014

    It's basic, but the price is spot on and the screen quality is excellent. If you want a device for pure reading, this is it

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  • Nook Glowlight review

    Nook Glowlight eReader
    inc VAT
    7 Aug 2014

    A super light eReader you can use in the dark, the Nook Glowlight is a great alternative to Amazon's Paperwhite

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  • Kobo Aura review

    Kobo Aura
    inc VAT
    25 Sep 2013

    Has a lower resolution than the Aura HD, but it's a great value eReader and a worthy rival to the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

  • Kobo Aura HD review

    Kobo Aura HD
    inc VAT
    14 Jun 2013

    It has a market-leading screen, but the Aura HD isn’t perfect and the Kindle is cheaper

  • Bookeen Cybook Odyssey HD Frontlight review

    Bookeen Cybook Odyssey HD Frontlight
    inc VAT
    13 Jan 2013

    Great backlight and screen quality, but it's more expensive than rivals and its accelerometer and capacitive screen hinder more than help

  • Sony Reader PRS-T2 review

    Sony Reader PRS-T2
    inc VAT
    2 Nov 2012

    Sony's latest Reader is well designed, but it can't compete with newer backlit models

  • Kobo Mini review

    Kobo Mini
    inc VAT
    27 Oct 2012

    It's great to see a small eReader and the price is great, but the quality of the touchscreen lets it down

  • Kobo Glo review

    Kobo Glo
    inc VAT
    26 Oct 2012

    A great hi-resolution screen, excellent store and built-in light make this an excellent eReader, but the Kindle Paperwhite is better

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  • Icarus eXceL review

    Icarus eXceL
    inc VAT
    2 Oct 2012

    This huge eReader has some great features, but they aren't all easy to use and it's very expensive

  • Binatone ReadMe Colour review

    Binatone ReadMe Colour
    inc VAT
    1 Oct 2012

    Incredibly cheap for a colour eBook reader, but it feels it. Serious readers should spend more for something with an E Ink screen

  • Binatone Kidzstar eReader review

    Binatone Kidzstar eReader
    inc VAT
    30 Sep 2012

    This cheap and tough reader can take a few knocks, but its kid-friendliness is patchy and its features sparse

  • Icarus Pocket review

    Icarus Pocket
    inc VAT
    28 Sep 2012

    An eReader that's as easy to use as it is comfortable to hold. It's just a little too expensive to be a winner

  • Prestigio Nobile PER5162 review

    Prestigio Nobile PER5162
    inc VAT
    27 Sep 2012

    A premium reader that, despite some strengths and a decent case, isn't especially good value

  • TrekStor eBook Reader Pyrus review

    TrekStor eBook Reader Pyrus
    inc VAT
    9 Aug 2012

    It may be inexpensive, but this eBook reader falls down on design and screen quality compared to its rivals