PocketBook teases full-colour E Ink Triton eReader

Long battery life, front-lit screen, full colour magazine spreads promised

15 Nov 2012
Pocketbook colour eReader

PocketBook has announced plans to release a new model of eReader with a colour E Ink display - the first such model to be available commercially.

Today, eReaders are split into two camps: E Ink and LCD. The former uses an electrophoretic display which draws very little power and offers a paper-like reading experience, while the latter uses a more traditional liquid-crystal display which is capable of display full-colour images and rapid movement. Until recently, it was difficult to read E Ink displays in the dark, but the launch of the Nook with GlowLight, the Kobo Glo and the Kindle Paperwhite introduced front-lighting systems for night-time viewing, reducing the functionality gap between the two display types.

Until now, however, E Ink has been limited to book and newspaper-like reproduction. Most E Ink displays are restricted to a small number of grey levels, making magazines look dull and lifeless.

PocketBook's announcement looks to change that. While the company is quiet on the precise details, it claims to be planning to launch an eReader based on the E Ink Triton display technology, which combines the paper-like qualities of E Ink with the ability to display up to 4,096 colours for a better experience in magazine reading. As a result, full-colour images can be reproduced, while the battery life is rated at around a month per charge - a significant improvement over colour LCD eReaders, which typically need to charged one every couple of days under average use.

According to PocketBook, the unnamed eReader will feature a large 8in 600x800 E Ink Triton display with a multi-touch capacitive interface, much like a tablet, along with a front-lighting system for night-time viewing. This system is controlled by swiping a finger up or down the bezel of the display, adjusting the intensity of the light.

What the company hasn't announced, sadly, is pricing or firm availability, stating only that it is looking to release the product by June 2013.

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