Best hard disks, Asus Tytan CG8890 and best iPhone cases - reviews roundup

Nikon 1 J2, Asus VivoBook S200, Samsung Chromebook Series 3 - reviews roundup - plus read our verdicts on: Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, Corsair Neutron 240GB and Acronis True Image 2013.

Asus Tytan CG8890

Asus Tytan CG8890, best iPhone cases and best hard disks - reviews roundup - plus read our verdicts on the: Palicomp Alpha Inferno and PC Specialist Inferno V-3K. Our weekly review roundup this week contains the most exciting new kit you can buy, fully-tested in our lab.

If your PC is looking a little short on space, then a fast, quiet and expansive new hard disk is the answer. For our top pick at 2TB read our Western Digital Caviar Black 2TB review, with the drive costing just £118. IF you need more space, then get 4TB for £179 inc VAT - read our Hitachi Deskstar 7K4000 4TB review

Sometimes you see something a little too silly to be taken seriously, but too awesome to ignore. The Asus Tytan CG8890 certainly falls into this category with its motorised, extending cooling vents. It's serious stuff inside though, with top-end components throughout and a price to match. Great stuff, even if you're not in the market for a top-end gaming PC.

If you're looking for a gaming PC on a more sensible budget then at £850 you might want to read our Palicomp Alpha Inferno review. For that you get an overclocked 4.7GHz Core i5 processor and an overclocked HD 7950 graphics card, plus 16GB of RAM. You're unlikely to need more power for any task.

If you want to play games but don't have the space for a big desktop, or just need soemthing more portable and flexible then read our PC Specialist Inferno V-3K review. This compact laptop costs just £638, but has plenty of horsepower for both games and applications.

If the weather is making you glum then why not spend the holidays on a tropical island hunting big game and fighting pirates. If that sounds a little expensive, dangerous or immoral, then maybe a virtual holiday would suit you better? Read our Far Cry 3 review for all the details.

Finally, a lot of people will be getting a new iPhone for Christmas, or maybe you have one already, either way check out our Best iPhone 5 cases and covers.

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