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NEC's LT10 shows that it's possible to have a tiny projector with big performance.

It is similar in size to a DVD-ROM drive and weighs 950g, making it easy to carry around. You can use it at work, then slip it into its neat carry bag and take it home for the weekend.

Performance, for the most part, is excellent. It's a DLP projector, so you get a high 2,000:1 contrast ratio with true black and bright whites. In fact, the white was so intense when we turned the projector on that we had to adjust the setting to balance the colour.

At 1,100 lumens it's not the brightest of projectors. In most cases you'll have to turn the lights off and block direct sunlight. This isn't a great hardship, though.

The LT10 is a true XGA projector, running at a native resolution of 1,024x768. This is perfect for connecting a notebook, as the display is clear with legible text. However, we did notice some unevenness in brightness on the screen. In particular, the bottom of the picture was brighter and the right-hand side a little darker.

It has S-video and composite inputs, so it is simple to hook up a DVD player. Thanks to the 16:9 mode, widescreen movies can be enjoyed in their full glory on a screen up to 6.8 metres diagonal. The viewing mode is changed using the simple onscreen display and the remote control provided.

There's a single D-sub input for connecting a PC, although we were a little disappointed that there was no DVI port.

Another downside is the relatively short lamp life of around 2,000 hours. This isn't ideal, especially as we're used to most projectors offering 3,000 hours or above.

At £1,385 it's reasonable value when you consider the size. It's even better when you remember it uses DLP, which is traditionally a lot more expensive than LCD technology. If you want a projector for carrying around, this is a good choice. People looking for a projector for the home are advised to buy a larger and cheaper model instead.

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