Top 5 reasons Windows 8 will be a great tablet OS

Ignore the doomsayers, Windows 8 will be fantastic on mobile devices. Here are five reasons why

19 Oct 2012
Top 5 reasons Windows 8 will be a great tablet OS

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Windows 8 is almost upon us, and critics are already hitching their horses to the bandwagon to say how much of a failure it will be. We admit it's got a few problems on the desktop, but we're genuinely excited for it to launch for mobile devices. Here are our top five reasons why:


Microsoft Office is, hands down, the best productivity suite around. Sure, there are others - the Android and iOS apps stores are overflowing with text editors, spreadsheets and presentation tools, but they are all inferior to Microsoft's excellent software. Consistent interface elements, design and features, familiar keyboard shortcuts and icons, all the tools you expect to find and the best file format support around are just a few of the reasons Office is the most widely used productivity suite in the world.

Microsoft Office Store

Microsoft Office is still the best tool for traditional office work - and most of us have to do some of that even in the 21st century

When it launches on Windows 8, you'll get the exact same features whether you use it on desktop or a mobile device. Many tablets and hybrid devices are including keyboards too, so you'll be able to work just as efficiently as on a traditional laptop - perhaps more so, as they will also support touch. Until now, tablets have felt like toys rather than business tools. Windows 8 will likely change that.


We've been waiting for a portable device that lets us plug in a memory stick and drag files off it. One that supports our preferred Xbox 360 wireless controller and dongle with no fuss, and one that can print to practically any printer, without needing some kind of cloud print service to act as a go between.

Canon PIXMA iP4950

Print to any printer, or scan or fax from an MFP, simple stuff with Windows


The Xbox 360 has risen to reign supreme in the gaming stakes at present, which is partly due to Microsoft's excellent tools allowing developers to easily create both console and PC versions of their games. As well as full-priced games, Microsoft has been very succesful with its Xbox 360 Arcade of cheaper, but still high-quality offerings. We're really looking forward to seeing these kind of more serious, but still accessible games in a tablet format

Xbox 360

Microsoft will be bringing its gaming expertise to mobile

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