Top 10 tech predictions for 2013

All the tech that we think will be big this year

18 Jan 2013


Google Glass is Google's plan for an augmented reality headband that feeds info directly to your eyes via a heads-up display while recording everything you see with a view to sharing it with your contacts.

You've probably seen the achingly hipsterish video, but the applications are interesting. Navigation is a given, as are location-aware notifications of transport disruption. Marketeers are bound to jump on it too, as they realise the benefit of having a special offer pop up in your field of vision as you pass a certain shop.

As always, though, it'll be up to the world's army of developers to find the most interesting uses for the Glass - the first lucky programmers will have their hands on the developer headbands in the next couple of months.

Project Glass

Project Glass

You too can have amusing tweets delivered straight to your eyeballs


Combining the image quality of a digital camera with the flexibility of a smartphone operating system like Android is nothing new - both Samsung and Nikon released Android-powered point-and-shoot cameras last year. However, this is just the beginning - we're fully expecting Android to make its way into more powerful devices in 2013, including interchangeable lens CSCs and even digital SLRs.

Samsung Galaxy Camera

Samsung's Galaxy Camera showed us Android's potential - now we need better optics

Wi-Fi enabled cameras are beating traditional models in terms of sales thanks to instant uploads to Facebook and Twitter, while smartphones let you apply filters and colour presets quickly before sharing them online. Android-powered cameras give you the best of both worlds, and we reckon that you'll be seeing lots of models this year - maybe an Apple camera could even be in the offing?

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