Top 10 tech predictions for 2013

All the tech that we think will be big this year

18 Jan 2013


The common watch has always been the target of technology, with the calculator watch proving to be an early success. However, while the calculator watch went out of fashion, the desire to make smarter watches different.

In 2013 we will see the return of the smart watch, only this time around all of the processing and functionality will be provided by your smartphone, leaving the watch as a secondary display and control mechanism.

It’s the Pebble watch that’s gathering the most attention. Started as a Kickstarter project, Pebble is a watch that connects to your Android or Apple smartphone via Bluetooth and is then powered by a range of apps. Pebble comes with apps that will let it vibrate when you get an incoming call, measure your speed and distance in cycling and act as a rangefinder for golf courses. Of course, new apps can be developed easily.

Sony is attempting something similar with its SmartWatch, which works with Android phones and can show you incoming call information, as well as acting as a remote control for your music.

Pebble watch

The smart watch will come of age in 2013, with your smartphone providing the information to display


The internet-connected fridge is a product that’s always been a bit of a joke. Rather than something genuinely new, it was merely a fridge with a computer built into it for surfing the internet.

This year, though, companies are taking smart appliances seriously. You’ll be able to buy fridges that track what food’s inside, letting you scroll through the contents on a screen without having to open the door, saving power.

Robotic vacuum cleaners will get smarter and you’ll be able to take full control using a smartphone app. Ovens will be able to download the latest recipes, automatically setting themselves to make you a fantastic dinner.

On top of that, appliances will be able to be smarter with their energy usage. For example, your washing machine may perform a wash when it detects your solar panels are generating electricity.

They’re not going to be for everyone and people aren’t going to rush out to upgrade what they’ve got, but appliances are getting smarter and it’s going to start taking off this year.

Robotic vacuum

Appliances are about to get a lot smarter and give you more control over them.

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