Sony updates PS3 to 3.70

Automatic cloud saves, better 3D support, and app recommendations

10 Aug 2011
PlayStation 3

Sony has released the latest software update for its PlayStation 3 console, bringing the version to 3.70 and adding some nice new features for those who meet certain criteria.

The new update enables automatic cloud saving for users signed up to the PlayStation Plus service, automatically copying both saved games and Trophies that have been flagged by the user to Sony's own servers. If the PlayStation 3 should be lost, stolen, or damaged - or simply encounter a bug which requires the internal storage to be wiped clean - the saves can be downloaded from Sony's servers and no progress lost.

Those playing on a 3D TV will also see some new benefits from the update, including support for the MPO 3D image format created by devices such as the Fujifilm Real 3D W3 or the Nintendo 3DS camera and support for 3D Blu-ray content when DTS-HD Master Audio or High Resolution audio output is selected. Java-based special features will also be able to output in 3D, Sony has confirmed.

The PlayStation Store, Sony's online shopping portal, has received a social-themed upgrade with users now able to to recommend software to their friends, while a new category has been added to the XMB called TV/Video Services.

The new update is not thought to include any changes to the digital restrictions management, or DRM, technology used to prevent pirated games from being played.

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