Best iPhone 5 apps to download in 2013

We round up the best iPhone 5 apps to download in 2013

13 Dec 2012

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Searching for the best iPhone 5 apps around? Look no further than our round up, below.

We’ve selected a mixture of everything, from lifestyle bits to photo editing software, to help turn your otherwise bland handset into a one-stop media machine. And if you're not familiar with Apple's latest smartphone, you can check out our full iPhone 5 review for our expert opinion.


Best iPhone Apps

A great app for beating the bulge

If you’re planning to overindulge on the mince pies this Christmas, you can limit the muffin-top after effects of your festive food binge with these simple set of workouts, demonstrated in a series of short videos by Maximuscle ambassador Adrian James.

The exercises are designed to help tone your lower and upper body and there’s no need for expensive gym equipment to perform them. If you plan on dieting come the New Year, the app also offers a lean meal plan designed to help you get trim.

Price: £0.69
Download: Adrian James Boot Camp


Best iPhone Apps

Allows avid travellers to create custom city guides

This social app allows you to create tailored travel guides of 120 cities worldwide and even lets you share them with your friends so you can see where they have traveled, as well as read their recommendations on places to stay, eat and drink.

In addition to user-generated reviews, you can discover local hidden gems thanks to expert recommendations and guides. And best of all, it won’t cost you a fortune: maps and city guides can be downloaded straight to your phone so you needn't worry about racking up a hefty phone bill while you're abroad.

Price: Free


Best iPhone Apps

Plenty of mayhem to keep you entertained on your morning commute

Crash Bandicoot returns for more race track mayhem in this action-packed game, which is bigger and even more chaotic than the original. The goal is to beat your fellow road users to the finish line while attempting to avoid a series of obstacles along the way.

You can race either as Crash himself or one of nine other characters and you can even race against up to four of your mates at one time thanks to the nifty multi-player mode.

Price: £1.99
Download: Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2


Best iPhone Apps

A great app for cab commuters

As any city dweller knows, attempting to hail a black cab during rush hour is like trying to win the lottery without buying a ticket. You can end up waiting around for ages, only to find that every passing cab is either occupied or the driver isn't in the mood to stop.

That's where GetTaxi comes in. This app acts as a beacon that sends an alert to the next available cabbie closest to you. Simply activate the signal and the taxi will make its way to your location. There is also a tracking tool that allows you to track your cab, and a driver profiles feature which provides you with a profile of your driver - mugshot included - so you can quickly identify them once they've pulled up.

Price: Free
Download: GetTaxi


Best iPhone Apps

Take retro snaps, just not of kittens

The retro-style photo app - a staple in every blogger’s iPhone - has been given an update that includes added support for the iPhone 5, so it fits perfectly on the device’s 4-inch Retina display.

For those who’re unaware of its smarts, Instagram allows you to add retro-style effects to your images and share them with your friends and family online, as well as with 80m other users. The firm recently decided to cut off its photo-card functionality for Twitter, so you cannot directly tweet Instagram snaps until further notice.

Price: Free
Download: Instagram

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