Creative Aurvana In-Ear 2 review

The Creative Aurvana In-Ear 2 earphones sound great, but they're pricy and their noise isolation isn't the best we've heard.

17 Apr 2010
Creative Aurvana In-Ear 2 headphones
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We're big fans of Creative's previous Aurvana earphones so we had high hopes for the company's latest set. The Aurvana In-Ear 2s are noise isolation earphones, they sit inside your ear blocking out background noise – so you can hear your music clearly without having to raise the volume to potentially damaging levels. Two sets of differently-sized ear plugs are included to ensure you get the best fit, and therefore the best possible noise isolation possible. A handy carrying pouch is also thrown in.

We tested the Aurvana earphones on a noisy London Underground train carriage, where using a standard set of earphones is nearly pointless. The Aurvana earphones blocked out a substantial amount of background noise so we could listen to quiet acoustic folk and classical tracks quite easily. They're not the most effective noise isolation earphones we've tested, though, so subtle details were still lost and it was still possible for background noise to spoil dialogue in audiobooks and podcasts.

Under normal, less noisy circumstances audio quality was very good. Jazz, blues and classical tracks sounded clear and full of detail, although they didn't sound quite as warm as we'd like. Pop, rock and R&B tracks sounded detailed and undistorted. Bass-heavy music sounded reasonably deep and full, but we've heard better.

We were impressed with the sound quality of the Aurvana In-Ear 2 earphones. They're definitely a step up from budget earphones, such as the sets bundled with MP3 players, but then they are expensive at £90. They're also not the best choice if you want the most effective noise isolation. In that case, our pick would be the Shure SE 102 earphones. They don't sound quite as good as the In-Ear 2s, but their sound isolation is superb and they cost almost half as much.

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