Sennheiser HD 228 review

Comfortable and clear sounding, but the huge amount of bass is an acquired taste.

14 Apr 2011
Sennheiser HD 228
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The packaging for these on-ear headphones touts explosive bass, but you can have too much of a good thing. While the full range of frequencies was properly reproduced and detailed, it was almost overwhelmed by a ferocious low-end – much like leaving a black sock in with a wash load of pastel shades. We were able to tame things with judicious use of equalisation but we'd prefer a more neutral starting point.

Sennheiser HD 228

It’s a shame because these headphones get almost everything else right. While they're not especially pretty, with gaudy and cheap-looking gloss plastic, they're light, well-padded and seem well-built. Better still, their comfortable fit helps them block environmental noise more effectively than most other passive pairs. In a moderately noisy environment we'd choose them over the noise-cancelling Genius GHP-04NC, but Sennheiser makes better alternatives such as the folding, noise-cancelling PXC 250-II or their passive equivalents, the PX 200-II, which cost around £50.

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