Pioneer adds HTC One X, One X Plus streaming to 2012 AV receivers

Free firmware update adds HTC Connect wireless streaming support

30 Nov 2012
Pioneer HTC Connect

Pioneer has released a free firmware update for its 2012 AV receivers, bringing new support for the HTC Connect wireless streaming system found in the HTC One X and HTC One X Plus Android smartphones.

Designed to support all Pioneer's network-connected 2012 model AV receivers, including the VSX, SC and SX series, the new firmware provides full compatibility with the HTC Connect audio streaming system and comes after the company added support for the technology to its SMA wireless speaker family back in June.

Working over a home wireless network, HTC Connect allows the smartphone to stream audio to the receivers while still being available to make or receive phone calls, text messages and emails. All phone audio can be streamed, while the smartphone can also be used to control playback and adjust volume without having to reach for the AV receiver's dedicated remote control.

The firmware update to add the HTC Connect system to the comapny's AV receivers is available free of charge, either though a network update from the receiver itself or as a download that can be installed onto a USB drive and inserted into the unit's USB port for offline upgrading. Once installed, the system will gain full HTC Connect compatibility.

A full list of compatible receivers, which include both standard and Elite-family models, can be found on Pioneer's website, along with a list of compatible HTC handsets that includes the popular HTC One X and One X Plus models as well as the One S, One VX, Droid DNA, Droid Incredible 4G and EVO 4G LTE.

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