Apple TV software update causes woes for some users

Wireless connection glitches and outright bricking abound

21 Nov 2012
Apple TV

Some owners of the iOS-based Apple TV set-top box are reporting problems with the latest software update, designed to add iOS 6-related features to the platform.

Apple's latest update, released to the general public in September, is designed to introduce new features including support for audio-only streaming via AirPlay, the new Shared Photo Streams feature and an additional app for accessing film trailers.

Sadly, the update appears to have brought something else along with those new features: serious software bugs. According to reports from Apple customers on the official support forum, some Apple TV units are unable to connect to wireless networks following the update - networks that, prior to the software upgrade, the Apple TV set-top boxes had been working on with no problem.

Those who lose wireless connectivity are the lucky ones: still more customers are reporting that their unit becomes 'bricked' after the update, with the system becoming unresponsive and refusing to power on, making it as useless for its intended purpose as a housebrick.

So far, the only sure-fire way of fixing the problem appears to be downgrading to an earlier software release by connecting the system to a computer through its micro-USB connector and restoring the software manually. Doing so removes the new features, of course, but restores the unit to working order until a bug-fixed version of the update is released.

Apple has yet to comment on the issue, but is thought to be working on a software update to address the problem.

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