3M launches Streaming Projector with Roku integration

Pocket-sized Wi-Fi device offers 120in streaming video projection

8 Oct 2012
3M Streaming Projector

3M has announced the launch of its Streaming Projector, a compact device with access to streaming video through a partnership with specialist Roku.

Designed to fit in a pocket, the 3M Streaming Projector includes an integrated battery capable of running the system for two hours 45 minutes - but still provides a large viewable area, with 3M claiming the device is capable of producing a clear image up to 120in diagonally.

Coupled with a Roku Streaming Stick dongle, the device provides access to the same streaming video services as Roku's various set-top box products including Netflix, Amazon Video and Crackle. Around 600 channels are provided, although a selection of these - such as paid-for subscription channel Hulu Plus - are exclusive to the US.

As well as Roku streaming, which is available anywhere, there is a Wi-Fi connection to let the system connect to home storage servers, PCs and laptops for playback of home videos, photos and other personal content.

"With the 3M Streaming Projector, parents can recreate those epic movie memories from their childhoods that can be experienced through the magic of projection," Mark Colin, vice president and general manager of 3M's Mobile Interactive Solutions division, said at the launch. "Thanks to our partnership with Roku, we are excited to introduce an affordable streaming projector that delivers both a high-quality viewing experience, as well as easy access to a wealth of entertainment."

The compact pico-project has officially launched in the US at a price of $299 (around £186 excluding taxes,) with 3M yet to confirm a UK launch and pricing schedule for the device.

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