Samsung unveils ultra-definition 3D TV

Samsung has taken the wraps off a prototype 70in 3D TV offering four times the detail of a standard High-Definition panel.

9 Nov 2010
Samsung ultra

Samsung has offered a sneak preview of its latest prototype television technology, a 70in device which offers full 3D 'ultra-definition' video.

Clearly not likely to appear in the homes of anyone but the most well-heeled, the prototype TV blows the lid on traditional high-definition displays by increasing the resolution from 1,920x1,080 to a massive 3,840x2,160.

The Ultra-Definition display, as Samsung has named it, offers a picture around four times more detailed than a regular HD unit, but has one particular drawback: at the moment, there are very few video sources that can take advantage of the extra resolution, with Blu-ray maxing out at regular High-Definition resolutions.

As well as the additional resolution, Samsung has also equipped the display with a 240Hz refresh rate - around double that of most 3DTVs on the market today. When used with the included shutter glasses, it results in a 3D image that is completely free from the sensation of 'flicker' that can plague sets with lower refresh rates.

In order to achieve its ultra-definition resolutions at such high refresh rates, Samsung has had to develop special silicon oxide-based semiconductor technologies that can operate at the incredible speeds required to create such a display - giving the company a major leg up on its competitors in the 3DTV market.

Engadget, which spotted the prototype TV on Samsung Tomorrow's Flickr page has some more photographs of the TV, but there's one thing that Samsung isn't revealing to anyone just yet: the price.

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