LG D2500N-PN glasses-free 3D display launched

Currently available in Japan only, and at an impressive price

15 Feb 2012
LG D2500N-PN

The Japanese arm of LG Electronics has announced its latest glasses-free 3D monitor, the 25in D2500N-PN.

Designed for use with PCs capable of providing the required 3D output, the LG D2500N-PN boasts a Full HD resolution of 1920x1080 on a 25in TFT panel with a brightness of 250 candelas per metre squared. Standard contrast ratio is provided as an impressive 1,000:1, while this is boosted to a claimed 5,000,000:1 when the dynamic contrast mode is enabled.

It's the monitor's 3D capabilities that are its standout feature, however. Unlike traditional 3D displays which require active or passive glasses to be worn, the LG D2500N-PN promises an immersive 3D image without any extra headgear. The system works thanks to an integrated webcam located at the top of the screen. This tracks the position of the viewer's head and eyes, adjusting the image so that each eye is given a separate part of the 3D picture in order to fool the brain into seeing depth where there is none.

It's true that there are disadvantages to the technology: it's only capable of tracking a single user at a time, meaning it's not possible for someone to look over your shoulder and see the same 3D image. For home cinema use, therefore, it's not much cop, but for a PC monitor it's a perfectly acceptable way of ditching the glasses.

The LG D2500N-PN includes a DVI input for PC use alongside an HDMI port for connection to a 3D Blu-ray player or games console. The monitor has a claimed response time of 5ms, weighs 9.2kg and draws 40W of power while in use.

UK pricing and availability has yet to be confirmed by the company, but it has launched the D2500N-PN in Japan for ¥150,000 (around £1,215 before tax.)

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