Samsung promises YouTube 3D Smart TV support

20 Dec 2011
Samsung 9000-series TV

3D video playback update coming soon, the company claims

Samsung has followed-up on an announcement it made at the IFA trade event in Berlin earlier this year, claiming that its Smart TV devices will soon be able to access YouTube 3D videos without the need for an intermediate device.

Samsung's own take on the concept of an internet-connected HDTV with in-build media playback capabilities, the 3D-capable Smart TVs will soon be able to play back 3D content from Google's YouTube video sharing service.

Currently available in the UK, Japan and North America, YouTube 3D contains a surprisingly large quantity of three-dimensional video content - although very little in the way of feature-length films - but usually requires a PC with a compatible display to view.

Samsung's Smart TV series, however, will soon enjoy an update to the in-built media playback software that will allow users to view YouTube 3D content directly on the TV via a home broadband connection.

Samsung claims that, at launch, the YouTube 3D app will give Smart TV owners access to around 8,000 3D videos via the service, but adds that it is working closely with Google to increase the quantity of 3D video available on the site over time.

What Samsung has yet to announce, however, is firm availability for the upgrade, although it is quick to point out that when the software does launch it will be exclusive to Samsung for a limited, but unspecified, time.

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