LG 55in OLED TV price revealed

27 Mar 2012

Not as expensive as you might think

LG's 55in OLED TV bowled us over when we saw it at CES in January. Most of the OLED screens we'd seen previously were small smarphone models, but LG's TV was the full big-screen home cinema experience, with incredibly vibrant colours and wide viewing angles in a chassis just 4mm thick.

There was just one thing missing - the price. According to The Verge, the TV will go on sale for nine million Korean won, which is approximately £5,000. We were expecting the TV to be expensive, and it is - but not absurdly so. We can only hope that the Korean price will translate well to the UK without too much of a premium being slapped on top.

The TVs are also launching earlier than expected. According to MK Business News, the old model was originally planned for launch in the second half of this year, but the release has been brought back to May - to steal a march on the competition, and also to take advantage of increased demand for TVs before the Olympics.

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