Sony reveals 56in OLED 4K prototype TV

8 Jan 2013

Sony has combined its two most exciting upcoming TV technologies into a single prototype TV for CES, with a 56in OLED display and 4K resolution

Sony saved the best reveal of its CES press conference until last, bringing out an eye-wateringly gorgeous prototype 56in OLED TV with native UHD 4K resolution.

The 3,840x2,160 resolution panel uses organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) for every pixel on screen, meaning the TV can control every pixel's colour and brightness individually. This is a massive step forward from traditional LCD TVs, which rely on LED backlighting to illuminate the entire panel. It's nowhere near as accurate and often leads to a washed out or innacurate picture.

Sony 4K OLED prototype

That certainly isn't the case with Sony's latest, which produces phenomenally deep blacks side by side with bright whites. A demo reel consisting of thousands of Chinese lanterns being lit simultaneously looked absolutely stunning.

Little aside from the screen size and OLED panel is known about the prototype, with Sony not yet ready to talk about the set in more detail. In all likelihood, it's a long way off, with 1080p OLED only just making it out of the door this month. Even so, it's an incredible insight into what to expect in the future, and we can't wait until it becomes a reality.

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