Samsung 4K TV to launch in Europe - price and date

4 Feb 2013
Samsung S9 UHD TV

You've only got two months to save up a kings ransom

Samsung today announced that its S9 UHD/4K TV will be coming to Europe in just a couple of months.

The monstrous 85in TV, that we first saw at CES, will be on sale in April for a whopping EUR 40,000, that’s £34,458 at current exchange rates. Of course, even if you can afford to spend that much on a TV, you’ll hopefully have a living room big enough to house it.

Set inside an equally huge easel–like frame, at least you won’t need to also hunt down a wall mount big enough to cope with it. The frame also has 120W of built-in speakers, so you shouldn’t also need to find space for audio kit.

It’s good that the 4K is going on sale over here, though it’s hardly the first set with the 84in Toshiba ZL2 set having a limited release last year. However, there was no news on when we might see smaller 4K models, with 60in and 65in screens being more realistic sizes for UK home owners. In fact, the only other TV discussed was the possibility of an even bigger 110in model towards the end of the year.

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