Sky buys 15,000 LG 3D TVs for football in pubs

16 Mar 2010

Just in time for the world cup

Sky is kick-starting uptake of its 3D broadcasts by buying 15,000 LG 3D TVs, which it will install in pubs and other venues around the UK. The company hopes that the move will introduce swathes of people to the new form of entertainment.

The TVs Sky has bought all use polarised glasses to passively display the 3D image. The benefit of this system is that the glasses are cheaper and lighter than the active shutter glasses required in home TVs for support of the 3D Blu-ray standard.

Sky will launch a 3D pub-only channel this spring, showing one Premiership game of football a week in 3D. A consumer 3D channel will launch later in the year, available to all Sky customers.

This deal could be good news for pubs, as they clamour to attract customers back. It's particularly good news, as the World Cup means that pub-goers should be able to watch England go out on penalties in the quarter-finals in full 3D glory.

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