Toshiba announce Camileo P100 and B10 camcorders

Full-HD recording and high-resolution stills in your pocket.

8 Apr 2011
Camileo P100 and B10

Toshiba has unveiled the newest members of its Camileo digital camcorder range, the P100 and B10 - both of which offer the ability to record video in 1920x1080 full-HD resolution.

The B10 takes its design cues from digital video pioneer Flip: a boxy, rectangular shape sees the fixed lens placed on one side of the device while the other holds the 2-inch liquid-crystal display and control system. Designed for people who value portability over functionality, the pocket-size unit has no optical zoom capabilities - although can use up to 16x digital zoom, so long as users don't mind a loss of clarity from the five megapixel CMOS sensor.

The B10 can also take still images at up to sixteen megapixels in size - although these are interpolated from the native five megapixel resolution of the sensor, so users expecting top quality stills would do well to look elsewhere. The relatively slim design at 18mm keeps the weight down: just 108g with battery.

The P100 is a more traditional camcorder shape, using what Toshiba calls a 'pistol-grip' layout. The extra space in the casing gives the room for up to 8x 'advanced optical zoom,' while the flip-out display is a larger 3-inch model - and offers touch-screen control. A larger eight-megapixel sensor should take higher quality stills, while the same full-HD video resolution is supported.

Both camcorders include support for saving MP4 video and JPEG stills to SDHC cards of up to 64GB in size, and include mini-HDMI for direct connection to an HDTV along with USB 2.0 for transferring to a PC. Face-tracking, motion-detection, and a special 'upload button' for quick video sharing.

Pricing has yet to be confirmed on either model.

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