Replay XD launches world's smallest 1080p rugged camera

Tiny tube packs an impressive array of technology

9 Jun 2011
Replay XD1080

Sports camera specialist Replay XD has announced its most recent creation: the world's smallest, lightest full HD camera on the market.

Designed for use in extreme environments, the Replay XD1080 features a water-resistant anodised aluminium housing designed to protect it in most environments short of complete immersion in water. Despite its rugged credentials, the Replay XD1080 measures a mere 28mm by 93mm and weighs just 85g.

Its small size doesn't equate to a lack of functionality, either: with live uncompressed HDMI video out in full 1920x1080 HD, a line-in function for an external audio device, and a time-lapse photography mode.

Users have the choice of shooting full 1080p or 960p video at 30 frames per second, or dropping the resolution to 720p to get 60 frames per second. All footage is captured through a non-fisheye lens offering a 135 degree field of view, backed by a 5 megapixel sensor. The company has also confirmed that additional lenses, filters, and polarisers will be made available.

The basic kit includes a HeimLock swivel/tilt mount, a LowBoy flat mount, two convex and two flat SnapTrays with adhesive backing, a soft protective pouch, a black hard carry case, 4GB microSDHC card - good for two hours of video - a USB cable, card reader, HDMI cable, AC power adapter, car power adapter, and safety leash.

"We wanted to design a camera that can go places other cameras can't," claimed Replay XD's John Spar. " Whether you're bombing down the mountain, or setting a fast lap, your Replay XD1080 will always get a solid shot in perfect High Def clarity. The new Replay XD1080 offers even more freedom to capture the action exactly how it happens."

UK pricing and availability has yet to be confirmed.

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