D-Link DCS-2310L - first outdoor, weatherproof cloud-powered camera

PoE-powered camera includes night vision, two-way communication

23 Nov 2012
D-Link DCS-2310L

Peripherals specialist D-Link has officially launched its latest network-connected camera, the DCS-2310L Outdoor Cloud Camera - the first, it claims, to integrate cloud technology with weatherproofing.

Designed to be used with power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connections, which means it can be powered through the same network cable that provides its internet connection, the system is IP65-rated for weatherproofing for outdoor use. A small CMOS sensor provides a 720P high definition video image, and includes a night-vision mode and a passive infra-red motion-sensing system that can be set up to capture movement and send an alert if required.

Cleverly, the camera also includes an integrated camera and speaker allowing for half-duplex communication between the viewer and the viewed - something that could make the device a tempting purchase for entry security.

Designed to tie in to D-Link's mydlink Cloud Service, the system streams video to any internet-connected computer, smartphone or tablet running Apple's iOS or Google's Android. Configuration of the camera also takes place over the internet, allowing the system to be installed in an inaccessible location and then left alone.

"IP surveillance and home monitoring are very fast growing sectors, driven by consumer demand to protect their properties, pets and possessions," claimed Adrian Edwards, consumer solutions manager at D-Link, at the launch. "The exponential growth in people owning tablets and smartphones has made remote monitoring easy, which is why we have integrated our new outdoor camera with our mydlink Cloud Services. As well as fitting seamlessly into the home, the camera provides high definition images and can withstand outdoor environments."

The DCS-2310L is available to purchase now, priced at £246.

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