Netgear's Media Storage Router is a NAS and wireless router in one

9 Jan 2012

Surfs the internet, stores files and shares them in the Cloud

Netgear has decided to cut down on the number of boxes in your home with its WNDR4700 Media Storage Router. This is a router with a built-in 2TB hard disk, which will let you back up PCs on your network and stream media from the disk to DLNA devices in your home.

Media Storage Router

For backup, the Media Storage Router is compatible with Apple's Time Machine software, so you can use it with a Mac, and for PC owners Netgear provides its own ReadyShare Vault backup software. Once your files are backed up, you'll also be able to use Netgear's ReadyShare Cloud service to access your files from anywhere outside your home network.

The Media Storage Router is also DLNA-compatible, so you can stream audio, video and image files stored on the hard disk to DLNA-compatible phones, tablets, PCs and Smart TVs. The router is dual-band, so you can use the less-congested 5GHz band for improved speeds, and the twin USB3 ports mean you can connect flash drives or USB hard disks to share their contents across the network.

The Media Storage Router will be available in the summer, but there is no pricing information available yet.

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