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Fable Legends – Play 4 vs 1 – Heroes vs Villiain

Fable Legends comes over a bit Dungeon Keeper

Fable Legends certainly looks like a Fable game, Albion is back, the traditional fairytale styled world typified by rolling pastoral hills and small hamlets. As is the bevvy of regional english accents are back and the humour, which we think makes the game stand out for the endless poe-faced fantasy epics. Fable is about the closest thing to Discworld you’ll find in a fantasy RPG.

Fable Legends

Players can knock enemies into the air, which should open up combo opportunities with your comrades

The new game is centred around multi-player action, it’s best surmised as a kind of turbo-charged Gauntlet. Four players fight side-by-side, each one with its own skill set, centering on the abilities of Strength (brute force pummelling), Will (magic) and Skill (evasion and missile weapons).

You can watch edited highlights of the demo here

The gameplay shown was centred around a fight in a series of tight paths in a wood. There were plenty of enemies and the graphics, particularly the particle effects with characters freezing enemies before others smashed them to pieces. The team ethics looks to be well integrated in this respect and with the more physical characters providing cover for those who work better from range.

Fable Legends

The Villain mode looks like excellent fun

The most exciting new addition is the Villain mode, where a fifth player takes control of the bad guys. This gives you a top-down view of the battlefield, from where you can spawn minions and suppport them with spells. It’s rather reminiscent of Dungeon Keeper (which of course comes from Lionhead’s former incarnation Bulllfrog).

With slick presentation, a practically unique take on the fantasy third-person action RPG and an innovative multi-player setup, Fable Legends has jusst jumped onto our radar. best of all we’ll be seeing a multi-player beta this autumn.

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