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Hitman unveiled at E3 2015, coming early 2016

Hitman 2015

IO Interactive give us a first glimpse at the latest entry in the Hitman series

IO Interactive has announced the next instalment to its renowned Hitman series. Simply entitled Hitman, IO Interactive says this game will lay down the foundation for the rest of the series.

Players will be invited to take part in an ever-expanding world that IO promises will grow, expand and deepen over time. In other words, be prepared for lots of DLC and post-launch assassination contracts. As well as new locations, new missions and new hits at regular intervals, some missions will be one-time only events that will disappear forever once they’re over.

In this one-off missions, targets will appear for every player around the world, but you’ll only have a certain amount of time – say, 48 hours – to eliminate them. After that, you’ll never have a chance to catch those targets again. IO hopes players will work together to find the best way of taking them down and that they’ll continue to draw upon each other’s experience each time a new mission or location appears.

Of course, the core of the game remains very much the same. You’ll be performing contract hits on high-profile targets, but you’ll be able to employ a variety of methods in assassinating your target. Missions will take place across the world, with Paris, coastal Italy and the markets of Marrakech all confirmed as playable locations. As you’d expect from a next-gen Hitman game, these areas will be larger, more densely populated and more detailed than ever, giving you plenty of freedom in how to approach your mark. You can make your way to your target with brute force, or take a subtle approach by maybe poisoning their drink while disguised as a bartender.

There will also be “hundreds” of in-mission challenges, according to IO, as well as thousands of community-created contracts to get involved with, where players choose their own marks and challenge other players to assassinate them.

The game will launch digitally on 8th December 2015, which implies we may have to wait a little longer for a physical boxed copy of the game, but it will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. We’ll be keeping you up to date with all the latest Hitman news as it’s announced. 

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