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Best sex toys 2023: From vibrators to stimulators, discover the best pleasure products for you

Unsure about the dildos and dildon’ts? Then let us lead you through the latest, greatest intimate inventions

There are plenty of reasons to invest in the best sex toy: beyond the obvious fact that they can increase pleasure and sexual satisfaction for you or a lover, they can also introduce new, exciting sensations and experiences that help prevent your playtime from feeling stale, dry and repetitive.

Bullets, butt plugs and the like can bring benefits to your body and bedroom that you may not have been aware of – from helping to increase blood flow to even improving sleep quality. For guys, there are gadgets that can help with both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and, although we haven’t featured any here, do check out our separate roundup of the best male sex toys.

So: here’s a brief guide to the main features you’ll need to consider when weighing up your options, and the best s-examples of products in each of the key categories of toy.

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Best sex toys 2023: At a glance

How to choose the best sex toy for you

As we’ve touched on, sex toy use can have heaps of benefits. Many gynaecologists now recommend that patients going through menopause use vibrators to increase blood flow to the pelvis and help to activate and tone internal muscles: this aids in warding off painful conditions such as vaginal atrophy (deterioration of the tissues inside the vagina). Certain studies have even suggested that sex toy use may result in improvements in sleep quality, and reduce overnight menopausal sweats and hot flushes.

Read on for our Q&A buying guide to help you find the right toy for you.

What style of touch and stimulation technique do I enjoy, and whereabouts on my body?

If you’re new to toys, then thinking about how you like to stimulate yourself or what you enjoy from a partner and aiming to replicate that in a device is a fab starting point. Do you like gentle caresses, firmer presses, or do you need more intense sensation to get you off? Do you prefer external tickles, internal stroking, or a combination? Do you think something that twirls or thrusts, or would a toy that delivers sucking or licking feelings be more your cup of tea?

You may well see vibrations described as either “buzzy” or “rumbly”: the latter are stronger, and travel deeper into the body to stimulate more nerve endings, so many people find them more orgasmic, but others find them overwhelming and too extreme and prefer a lighter flickering buzz.

What materials would I like my new boudoir buddy to be made of?

Silicones are soft, luxurious and velvety, but can attract dust and can be a little more delicate than harder plastics. Metals, glass and ceramics (yes, you can get porcelain dildos, aka Terracocka, like those by Fine Bone) can be chilled or heated with warm water for temperature play.

Make sure your toy is manufactured from body-safe stuff. It shouldn’t be porous, as tiny holes can trap bacteria and dirt that’s bad for your bits, and it’s wise to avoid phthalates, which are chemicals that make plastics more flexible, durable and soft, but which have been linked to cancer and hormone interference. Steer clear of ‘jelly’ items for both these reasons. The sex toy industry isn’t well regulated, so it’s frequently best to opt for reputable brands rather than churned-out cheap products that may have less-than-cheerful consequences.

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How about shape and size?

Do you think the toy you’re considering is a good match for your personal anatomy? Does its form and flexibility look like it would fit your body well, or does a probing part look a bit too long, short, or pointy, or too rounded to deliver the precision stimulation you prefer?

Regarding size: people’s eyes are often bigger than the bits below their belly button. Even if you dream of eventually taking something the size of a traffic cone, it’s best to start small and work up if you don’t want the experience to be a car crash.

For further advice on factors such as power and app connectivity, see our extended buyer’s guide at the end of our roundup.

The best bullet vibrators and other small toys for clitoral/external use

1. We-Vibe Tango: Best hard bullet vibe

Price: £80 | Buy now from LovehoneyAn updated version of the legendary Tango – long considered the dancing queen of bullet-shaped vibrators by multiple sexperts – this pocket rocket packs enormous rumbly power into a lipstick-sized toy. It’s been upgraded with a grippy silicone handle (the tip is glossy plastic); a travel lock to stop it unsuitably activating in your suitcase; a better battery life, and a broader range of vibration intensities. If you want a small vibe that’s proved its brilliance time and time again, Tan-go for this.

Key specs – USB rechargeable; 120 min run time; waterproof

Buy now from Lovehoney

2. Dame Kip: Best soft bullet vibrator

Price: £78 | Buy now from SephoraJust the tickly ticket for people who find the Tango X too hard, as this is made from medical grade silicone and has a little touch of flex in the tip. Dame are known for making sleek, millennial-modern-looking products in non-traditional colours like yellow, green and lavender. Gorgeous aesthetics, ergonomics, and cool cult status. ‘Kip’ is slang for a little sleep; this is almost guaranteed to give you a ‘little death’.

Key specs – USB rechargeable; 120 min run time; waterproof

Buy now from Sephora

3. Iroha Ukidama: Best all-over body massager

Price: £78 | Buy now from TengaThis Japanese-designed multi-talented delight doubles as a softly glowing light that floats in the bath, as well as acting as a delicate all-over body massager/vibrator. Use it just to chill, or to give yourself a thrill.

Key specs – USB rechargeable; 60 min run time; waterproof

Buy now from Tenga

The best suction toys and inventive stimulators

1. Womanizer Premium Eco Smart Silence Clitoral Stimulator: Best air stimulator

Price: £140 | Buy now from LovehoneyThis German brand are inventors of the much-copied “pleasure air technology”: a genuinely revolutionary form of stimulation that uses rapid pulses of air to excite the clitoris without direct contact. Their Premium Eco model takes the Number 1 spot in this list.

The Smart Silence function means it only turns on when it’s touching the body – if you’re interrupted during a moment of passion, there’s no scrabbling for the off button. As well as 12 intensity settings, it has an ‘Autopilot’ option where they vary at random, so each sexperience is a surprise.

For this latest iteration, inspiration has been taken from thought-leading green names like Gaia, who make vibrators from biodegradable plant-based materials; the Premium Eco is cast from recyclable, renewable Biolene, and its USB rechargeable battery can be replaced after 300 cycles rather than throwing the whole unit away. The fact that this company have managed to make the word Womanizer (!) so celebrated amongst British women speaks to how well their products perform.

Key specs – USB rechargeable; 240 min run time; splashproof

Buy now from Lovehoney

2. Zumio X SpiroTIP Clitoral Stimulator: Best pinpoint stimulator

Price: £100 | Buy now from LovehoneyLooks like a water pick for your teeth; is actually the most pinpoint stimulator available for your clitoris. It works by drawing teeny tiny circles on your skin at high speeds for a sensation of exceedingly concentrated energy. If you want something that hits your hot spot like an arrow, this would win an archery contest – and it’s already bagged umpteen A’Design and XBiz awards for innovation and efficacy.

Key specs – USB rechargeable; waterproof

Buy now from Lovehoney

The best rabbit vibrators

Invented in Japan around 1983, the rabbit vibrator originally had a trio of cutesy cousins: a kangaroo, a beaver and a neon green turtle…but it was the deliciously reverberating ears of the bunny, combined with its trademark combo of clitoral and internal stimulation, which caused it to be the breed that hopped to fame.

1. Ann Summers Whisper Quiet G-Spot Petite Rabbit Vibrator: Best quiet rabbit vibrator

Price: £70 | Buy now from Amazon

Both Ann Summers and Sh! Women’s Store claim to have introduced the rabbit to British shores. The former is so closely associated with it in the public eye that it informs their current logo, and its rabbit gets a nod from us for two main reasons: firstly, it operates at just 35 decibels – for comparison, a babbling brook sits at about 40, while a fridge hums around 45, so it’s genuinely fairly quiet (although you wouldn’t get away with using it in a library). Secondly, its smaller dimensions make it helpful for people who find the distance between the shaft and the arm of most standard rabbits too large to hit the right places on their body: a problem that – ahem – ’Bugs’ many.

Key specs – USB rechargeable; waterproof

2. Lovehoney Desire Luxury Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator: Best customisable vibrator

Price: £90 | Buy now from LovehoneyA great all-rounder with plenty of oomph. 8 modes of vibration, each with 12 speeds so you can fully customise how you rabbit on. Comes in a neat case that you can discreetly charge it inside.

Key specs – USB rechargeable; waterproof

Buy now from Lovehoney

3. The Doxy Original: A pleasure industry favourite

Price: £100 | Buy now from LovehoneyMade in the UK, the Doxy Original delivers intense penetrating power exactly where you need it. Just like the original wand massagers, the Doxy has to be plugged into the mains (the cable is three metres long). The wonderful thing about this is that it means that you don’t have to worry about the battery dying when you’re about to have an orgasm, nor do you have to wait for it to charge, it’s always good to go. Despite its similarity with the first wand vibrators, the Doxy Original boasts over 30% more power than the Hitachi Magic Wand.

The body is made from ABS plastic and the head is made of body-safe silicone. The powerful, rumbly vibrations penetrate deep into the body, making the Doxy extraordinarily effective when used as a body massager, or for more intimate intentions. To reach the desired level, the Doxy Original features controls that allow you to increase the intensity from a whispering 3,000rpm to a deep baritone at 9,000rpm. By just pressing and holding the power button for three seconds you can turn on the escalating pulse mode and your Doxy Original will do the rest. It also comes available in a range of colours, including pink, black, purple and white.

Key specs – Material: Silicone & ABS plastic; Ideal lubricant: Water-based; Waterproof: No; Pleasure settings: Continuous vibration or pulsations with varying speeds; Standout feature: No waiting around for charging, just plug in and enjoy.

Buy now from Lovehoney

The best dildos

Let me do my due dil-igence and inform you that a dildo is a sex toy intended for penetration, but which doesn’t vibrate (although there are exceptions; the toy world loves to cross-pollinate). Some silicone dildos can be fitted inside strap-on harnesses so they can be worn by a partner for acts such as pegging (anal penetration).

Dildos come in a squillion different styles, but here are three of the best that make ‘poking fun’ a true art. And don’t forget to check out our dedicated roundup of the best dildos to buy.

1. Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo: Best standard dildo

Price: £25 | Buy now from LovehoneyIf you’re looking for a dildo that replicates the feel of a real penis then the Lifelike Classic Realistic Dildo from Lovehoney is ideal. Available in four natural skin colours ranging from dark to fair, it measures 6in from the base and has an insertable length of 12.7cm so it is pretty non-intimidating. For any dildo debutantes out there, this is the one to buy, as the length and girth are entirely manageable.

It has a soft tip for easy insertion and a bendable shaft, giving you plenty of wiggle room to find the perfect angle. And thanks to its wide suction cup base it can also be used hands-free or attached to a harness and enjoyed with a partner.

Key specs – Material: Soft plastic (phthalate-free); Ideal Lubricant: Water-based; Insertable Length: 12.7 cm; Diameter: 4 cm; Standout feature: Realism

Buy now from Lovehoney

2. Glacier Glass Aura Beaded Wand Dildo: Best glass dildo

Price: £27 | Buy now from BondaraUltra-robust borosilicate glass with a classy pearlized finish that looks pricier than it is.

Buy now from Bondara

3. LELO Ida Wave: An Original Dual Stimulator that moves

Price: £179 | Buy now from LELOIda Wave from LELO features a shape and functionality that’s unlike anything on the market. The shaft is fairly narrow and doesn’t need to be inserted very deeply in order to appreciate the focused G spot stimulation. The external part rests nicely against the vulva and vibrates while the internal component vibrates and moves thanks to LELO’s patented WaveMotion™ technology. It can even be enjoyed hands-free, so you can use your handles to stimulate other parts of your body, your partner’s body or even to send a hot message to someone.

It’s one of the first LELO products that is compatible with the new LELO App. On it, you can pair it with the toy to enjoy some close-range control so you don’t have to reach down to the toy every time you want to change the setting. For the time being, long-distance control is not possible. You can also enjoy some erotic stories and fiction; the same content that is available on LELO’s blog Volonté. As with all LELO products, it is presented in a luxury hard box making it the ideal gift or self-care treat.

Key specs – Material: Body-safe silicone; Ideal Lubricant: Water-based; Waterproof: Yes; Pleasure settings: Simultaneous vibration and wave varying speeds and patterns; Standout feature: Original shape that can be enjoyed hands-free.

Buy now from LELO

The best wand vibrators

Wand vibrators have a reputation for being able to conjure up a climax even from previously anorgasmic people, thanks to their enormous power; they rumble so rigorously that they can even cast this spell through clothes, although it comes at the price of frequently sounding like a hoard of Minions with pneumatic drills. The broad surface area of their domed heads mean vibrations travel deeply and widely through the body.

They were made infamous by Hitachi, although their classic offering looks decidedly clinical and clunky now, next to today’s wizarding wonders:

1. Doxy Extra Powerful Purple Die Cast Wand Vibrator: The strongest vibrator

Price: £150 | Buy now from LovehoneyThe crème de la crème of plug-in wands. Doxy’s aluminium and titanium alloy beauty kicks like a donkey doing the Can-Can, and has such weighty heft that you could knock a robber out with it. A professional bit of kit for those who really want to get down to business.

Key specs – Mains powered; not waterproof

Buy now from Lovehoney

2. Le Wand Petite Mini Rechargeable Wand Vibrator: Best cordless wand

Price: £97 | Buy now from Amazon A smaller, lighter option for those who don’t want to be encumbered by cords. Look out for Le Wand’s fun limited edition prints, too.

Key specs – USB rechargeable; splashproof

Best sex toys: Extended buyer’s guide

If it needs power, should that be mains supply, rechargeable or batteries?

Plug-in mains toys deliver stallion levels of horse power, but their cables can be a pest. USB rechargeable toys are better than battery-powered alternatives, but you have to wait for them to charge; if your rabbit fizzles out mid-session, you can’t just pop more Energizers in your bunny.

How big of a concern is volume?

We’re talking about loudness here, for those of you still hung up on size. Some mains toys sound like Jason Vorhees is under your duvet, revving his chainsaw, and may make your family/flatmates/neighbours want to murder you. But pretty much any toy that claims to be “whisper quiet” is a bigger liar than Pinocchio at his most nasally maximal.

Do I want something straightforward and simple, or a more techy toy with an app? If I opt for something internet connected, how secure and safe is it?

Many vibrating toys brag that they offer more different rhythms of buzz than there are at a rave in a beehive, but some folks actually find those pulsing patterns aggravating, and would prefer a vibe that they could simply set at their favourite speed and keep it there.

A lot of top-of-the-range gadgets now can be custom controlled via a mobile phone app, and can be operated this way remotely, allowing partners to connect and play even if they’re in dramatically different postcodes. Smart toys like this aren’t always optimally secure, though; to assess the risk of problems like your data being gathered without your knowledge, or your toy being hacked, Mozilla’s annual ‘Privacy Not Included’ guide is handy as heck.

Do I need my toy to be fully waterproof?

Like to get touchy feely in the tub? Find that a locked bathroom door and the noise of the shower is the perfect opportunity for you to grab a private moment of discreet me time? Then make sure submersion in H2O isn’t a no go.

Once you’ve contemplated your As to the Qs above, you should have a better idea of what might tickle your pickle – or some other part of you. The following toys blow, suck, and reverberate the competition out of the water. We’ve divided them roughly according to which area of the body they’re intended for, but several are designed to be multi-purpose.

(NB. Please don’t insert anything into an anus that doesn’t have a flared base, though: whilst the vagina is a cul-de-sac, and it’s hard for anything to truly get lost up there, bottoms are more bottomless, and rear door toys must be shaped to ensure they remain anchored to the outside world and don’t disappear where the sun don’t shine.)

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