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The best pelvic floor trainers to buy in 2023

Train your pelvic floor and you can look forward to a healthier vagina, better sex and a host of other benefits

Do you want to potentially increase your sexual sensation and orgasmic potential? If so, you’ve come to the right place. More sexual pleasure and better orgasms are just some of the possible benefits of having a strong pelvic floor. Here we’ll explain exactly how to strengthen it with the aid of some of the best pelvic floor trainers.

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles found in the floor (the base) of your pelvis at the bottom of your torso, and it’s important to keep these muscles in shape – but not just for the sake of your sex life. Maintaining a strong, healthy pelvic floor can assist in preventing incontinence and prolapse, as it’s those muscles that help to maintain bladder and bowel control, and it also benefits general vaginal health thanks to increased blood flow. It can even help prepare for childbirth and assist your body in healing after having a child.

Better still, having a strong pelvic floor can also improve your sex life. It can help you have a tighter grip during penetration thanks to better muscle control during intercourse, which in turn will provide more pleasure for you and your partner. There’s no two ways about it: looking after your pelvic floor really is a win-win scenario.

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Best pelvic floor trainer: At a glance

How to choose the best pelvic floor trainer for you

Will pelvic floor trainers and exercises benefit everyone?

No, not necessarily. As your pelvic floor plays a big part in bladder and bowel control, you can experience problems due to an overly tight (high tone) pelvic floor or an overly loose (low tone) pelvic floor – this is referred to as high-tone or low-tone dysfunction. While the latter (low tone) can potentially be treated with pelvic floor exercises, the former (high tone) can actually be made worse by such an approach.

If you’re suffering from issues that you suspect may be due to your pelvic floor, then it’s wise to seek out an NHS Pelvic Health Clinic or a women’s health physiotherapist before investing in a pelvic floor trainer or starting to try the exercises at home.

But how do you strengthen your pelvic floor?

One way to keep your pelvic floor strong is by performing Kegel exercises. Also known as pelvic floor exercises, these involve repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor, now sometimes colloquially referred to as the “Kegel muscles”. The exercise can be performed many times a day for several minutes at a time, but takes one to three months to begin to have an effect. They were named after the American gynaecologist Arnold Kegel, who first published a description of these exercises in 1948.

That doesn’t sound like much fun. Isn’t there another option?

If you want to have a more enjoyable pelvic floor workout, you can use a pelvic floor trainer. They are also known as Ben wa balls, Kegel balls, love balls and jiggle balls. There are many types of pelvic floor trainers out there.

Some are weighted whereas others have sensors to measure the strength and duration of your squeezes.

Typically, you place them inside the vagina as you engage your pelvic floor muscles. Weighted pelvic floor trainers require you to squeeze your muscles in order to prevent the device from falling out. For this to be effective, you must be standing up in order to let gravity do its thing. It can be a great idea to use them as you perform some mundane tasks at home.

Other methods that are non-weighted involve sensors that detect your squeezes and provide biofeedback so you can keep tabs on your progress. With non-weighted pelvic floor trainers, you don’t have to be standing up; you can be lying down as you squeeze and relax.

Which pelvic floor trainer should I buy?

If you’ve given birth, it’s sensible to go for a product with a larger diameter – if not, then you can go for smaller balls. Whatever your level, start light and work yourself up to heavier weights gradually. If something doesn’t feel comfortable, then stop.

It’s well worth consulting a physician before buying anything if you have given birth, and we’d advise anyone experiencing issues they suspect are related to pelvic floor health to do the same.

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The best pelvic floor trainers for you to buy in 2023

1. Lovehoney Main Squeeze Single Kegel Ball: The best pelvic floor trainer for beginners

Price: £8 | Buy now from Lovehoney

The Lovehoney Main Squeeze Kegel Ball is the perfect product for beginning your pelvic training journey.

It’s a large lightweight Kegel ball that weighs 30g. Inside the ball is an internal free-roaming ball that “jiggles”. You’ll be able to feel it move with every step you take, guaranteeing that your intimate workouts are pleasurable as well as beneficial. The more you move, the more exhilarating your workout will be.

When you’re done, a silicone retrieval cord makes removal easy.

Key specs – Weight: 30g; Circumference: 11.43cm; Type of training: Weight; App control: No; Standout feature: Excellent value

Buy now from Lovehoney

2. Satisfyer Strengthening Balls: Best pelvic floor trainer set for progression

Price: £31 | Buy now from Satisfyer

The aptly named Satisfyer has put together this set of three balls, each with different weights, so you can gradually increase your pelvic floor training as you get stronger.

The lightest ball in the set weighs 61.9g, the middle ball 82.1g, and the heaviest ball 97.9g, so both beginners and advanced users will find the right weight for them. Start with the lightest ball, and when it’s no longer a challenge, you can move up to the next one. With regular use, after a few weeks, you’ll slowly improve.

Thanks to the practical retrieval string, the Strengthening Balls are easy to insert and remove, and they’re comfortable to wear, too.

Key specs – Weight: 61.9g, 82.1g, 97.9g; Circumference: 11cm; Type of training: Weight; App control: No; Standout feature: Three weighted balls

Buy now from Satisfyer

3. Fun Factory Smartballs Duo: Best pelvic floor trainer for doubling the fun

Price: £25 | Buy now from Amazon

The Smartballs Duo’s two-ball design engages more of your muscles ensuring a more complete pelvic workout. Each ball contains a small, round weight that bounces and rolls as you move, making your muscles work harder. The 74g weight and medium size makes them perfect for beginners and more advanced users alike.

The tapered tip makes them comfortable to insert (especially with a little lube!), and the groove at the bottom makes it easy to push them into place. The silicone loop at the bottom makes for effortless removal. As both balls jiggle inside, it can be thrilling to wear them during a spanking session or when using a clitoral stimulator. The jiggling balls will be even more stimulating as you tense and relax your buttocks or as you enjoy some orgasmic spasms.

Key specs – Weight: 74g; Circumference: 11.3cm; Type of training: Weight; App control: No; Standout feature: Two jiggling internal balls make intimate workouts even more stimulating

4. Perifit: A Bluetooth-enabled pelvic floor trainer

Price: £119 | Buy now from Perifit

Have you ever thought about playing video games with your vagina? Well, now you can thanks to Perifit, an app-controlled pelvic floor trainer. That might sound a little odd, but Perifit is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and recommended by more than 1,000 physiotherapists worldwide.

Rather than using a weighted system like the other products in this list, you place a Bluetooth-enabled device in your vagina and play games on your phone that require you to contract and relax as you play. The device has two sensors that track the strength and duration of your squeezes, so you can use it while you’re sitting or lying down. There are different programmes to choose from depending on your needs, such as post-partum strengthening, overactive bladder, incontinence prevention and more.

There are several games that require you to squeeze your pelvic floor as you play. It’s fun to use and at the end of a workout it provides biofeedback so you can visualise the strength and endurance of your squeezes, and you can even track your progress over time with the app’s report graphs.

Key specs – Weight: Not weighted; Circumference: 10cm; Type of training: Sensors that detect your squeeze strength and duration; App control: Yes; Standout feature: Video games and detailed biofeedback

Buy now from Perifit

5. Fifty Shades of Grey Beyond Aroused Kegel Ball Set: Best for a gift

Price: £17 | Buy now from Lovehoney

You don’t need to be a fan of the Fifty Shades trilogy to enjoy this set of Kegel balls. They’re smaller than most balls so will suit advanced users or women who haven’t given birth.

The set includes four balls of different weights and colours. The darker the ball, the heavier the weight. The set includes individual ball weight options of 15g, 25g, 35g and 55g for tailored exercise options, and you can combine the ball weights to suit your experience level. There are six different weight possibilities, making them the perfect pelvic floor product for long-term dedication.

You also get a sleek silicone cradle with a retrieval string for easy insertion and removal, and the package includes a luxurious satin bag for discreet storage and gifting.

Key specs – Weight: 15g, 25g, 35g and 55g; Circumference: 9.5cm; Type of training: Weight; App control: No; Standout feature: The sexiest set

Buy now from Lovehoney

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